Experience Your Family History, Humor and Love in a Brand New Way


What's Your Story is an

organization dedicated to giving voice to the dreams and wonders of your life and the lives of those you love. We can capture your

grandparents celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary, or your favorite uncle who is turning 90. The end product is a professionally produced audio recording.



Now there is a way to capture priceless family experiences.  As time passes, there may be only one relative who is familiar with the family lore.  By utilizing What's Your Story a parent can share special memories with  their children, or a child can present a parent with an extra-special gift for a landmark occasion.


For the person telling their story, the experience can be remarkably rewarding. As the story unfolds, the narrator and the listener discover the wonder of a life shared. Marvelous surprises often await the listener, who may be hearing the information for the first time. Long forgotten memories often come into sharp focus and certain events and actions may take on an entirely different meaning.


Experiences that seem ordinary can have a stunning fascination and significance for the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren in years to come. As the person considers their life, they may come to recognize that they do indeed have wisdom to pass on.

What’s Your Story will organize and focus the story so that it is both professional and intimate. By taking the time to listen to the truths and the experiences, without judgment, we hold up a mirror to a piece of a world that is known only to the narrator. We feel privileged to assist in this remarkable creation.