Experience Your Family History, Humor and Love in a Brand New Way

Maybe you've thought of getting out the tape recorder and asking grandpa to tell you what it was like back in the day, but you haven't gotten around to it.  Did you know that Aunt Ruby took a trip out of the south, at age thirteen, all alone?  Nobody did until we asked her about her adventures.  When mom described your first steps, she had that sweet, tender sound in her voice.  Those moments can be captured now so that your children and grandchildren can hear about them.

Our carefully designed questions will provide an experience of fun, warmth and an opportunity for reminiscence.  A professional digital recording will be produced.  By crafting personalized CDs featuring their name and picture, you and your family will have memories to enjoy and share for many generations.


                                           Recording The Story                                                                                                                                                                   


We want the storyteller to be as comfortable as possible.  They can be interviewed at their home, business or anywhere they are at ease and least likely to have interruptions or extraneous sounds.  We have designed a questionnaire to assist in the sharing of the story;  however family members or friends may also have specific questions that they would like included.

The final product is a professionally produced and packaged archival quality CD.  The attractive, durable case and CD are imprinted with the storyteller's name and pictures of their choosing.

Choosing Pictures For The Case